Estate Planning

  • Decision Assurance. Many of us have insurance plans to provide assurance that we will be protected from hazards or accidents. Home owner’s insurance, car insurance, and health insurance are just some of the examples. But what must be done in order to ensure that your decisions will be carried out in the event you are no longer able to do so? How can you be assured that what you want will occur during the times when you can’t say? This is where the assurance of an Estate Plan prepared by the Magill Law Offices takes effect.
  • We will craft an Estate Plan for any individual or married couple, including traditional and non-traditional marriages and relationships. Whatever your unique needs are, we can meet them.We will not only include a Last Will and Testament, but also the documents which ensure your personal life decisions will be carried out.
  • To preserve your health care needs in the event you are no longer able to articulate them to your doctor, we can prepare a plan which designates someone you trust for the doctors to turn for those decisions. And, if you reach an end stage condition, we can prepare the necessary documents to ensure that your decision to continue medical care or to allow you a dignified passing are carried out by your designated surrogate.
  • We can also include in the Estate Plan documents in which you empower an attorney in fact to act on your behalf, in the event you need to entrust someone with your personal possessions and legal authority. We will carefully discuss those documents so that you can have the assurance that you have entrusted the right person with only those powers you deem appropriate.
  • If you want the assurance that your wishes will be carried out through the protections of a trust instrument, the Magill Law Offices has the experience and knowledge to craft the Trust most appropriate to meet your needs.
  • We can also prepare what is perhaps the most important document, your Last Will and Testament. This is the document through which your final wishes will be carried out by those you trust the most. If you have children, we will draft the Will so that the care and welfare of your children are ensured, which is one of the most important decisions you should make as a parent. We will be sure to carefully discuss all matters concerning your wishes and craft the Will to meet each of your unique needs.
  • And, in the event you simply wish for another attorney to review your current Estate Plan to ensure that it is up to date with current laws and to meet your wishes and needs, we would be happy to do so.