Towing industry

  • The laws governing the Towing Industry are complex and detailed. The requirements are many and strictly enforced and any mistake or oversight can be costly. The Magill Law Offices has been working actively in towing industry for well over a decade and has the experience and knowledge to assist any Tow Operator with the complexities of the laws governing the Towing Industry. We have worked with one of the largest towing associations in the Southeast for many years and have assisted numerous tow truck operators throughout the State of Florida.
  • If your company has any questions or concerns about a towing request made under Section 715.07, give us a call at any time. We have the knowledge to provide to you so that you are assured you are acting lawfully.
  • If your company has any concerns about enforcing a towing lien under Section 713.78, we are available at any time to ensure that you are complying with those strict requirements. It is always best to contact us prior to the sale, as a failure to follow any of the requirements of the Statute could lead to forfeiture of your lien.
  • And, of course, if your company is sued after you’ve enforced your lien and sold the vehicle, we have the knowledge and experience to defend your company. If you followed each of the requirements of the Statute, we will aggressively defend your business and recover any damage to which you are entitled under the Statute.
  • For any legal need of your Towing Company, the Magill Law Offices stands ready to assist.